Scott Markus



Scott Markus

Tour guide, Scott Markus grew up in Chicago and his life has revolved around merging his two passions – film production and paranormal research.

Markus began working in the paranormal field through a documentary on the most haunted locations in Chicago in 1999. He released a book on the subject in 2003, which was re-released in 2008, published by Thunder Bay Press. In 2008 Markus began producing and co-hosting the radio show “The Mothership Connection” with Dobie Maxwell on WLIP 1050-AM. That radio show on the paranormal is still on the air every Sunday night from 8PM to midnight.

Markus’s career in film/video production began in 1997, when still in high school by creating corporate videos. After college, Markus moved to Hawaii where he worked on “Lost,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and three seasons of the Discovery Kids series, “Flight 29 Down.” In Chicago, he worked on “Dark Knight,” “Prison Break,” “Stranger than Fiction,” and other major motion pictures.

In 2012 Markus released a documentary titled “The Hidden Truth” on a series of deaths in the Mississippi River and the possible paranormal explanation for what has been vexing authorities since the deaths began in 1997.

Markus has been living in Los Angeles for the past four years, working as a freelance camera operator and film editor while also continuing his work researching west coast ghost stories, for which he creates videos that can be viewed on his web site,