Connor Bright


 photo Screenshot2014-05-22at110611AM_zpsa6f3fed6.png Connor Bright is a professional costume designer for theater and film as well as an avid cosplayer. She also works as a producer on short films and is a host of  the Star Trek craft show, Glue Guns and Phasers!

Growing up in Arizona, California, and Washington D.C., Connor absorbed a great number of ghost stories and legends. As a teenager she traveled Europe with her grandmother, exploring haunted castles and learning local superstitions from fairies to King Arthur.

In recent years Connor has become a paranormal investigator alongside fellow guide, Scott Markus, trying to find answers and confirm the lore she’s heard her whole life. Her knowledge of ghost lore has allowed her to work with YouTube celebs and the Travel Channel as a paranormal expert!

Coming from the superstitious world of theatre, her chosen tools of the trade are solid research, her dosing rods, and her voice recorder. After arriving in Los Angeles, Connor immediately fell in love with the rich history of the city, that is far older than most realize, and the macabre side of its paranormal past!